UB President Responds to National Disaster

By Arthur Page

Release Date: September 11, 2001 This content is archived.


September 11, 2001


To: Members of the University Community

From: William R. Greiner, President

RE: Today's attacks on our country

In the wake of this great tragedy, we are declaring the rest of the day a day of mourning and memorial for the victims of these horrendous, unspeakable attacks. On behalf of the University at Buffalo community and the UB Council, we do so out of respect for the dead, dying, wounded and their families.

Our students, faculty and staff are in pain and shock at this moment; some of us have been very directly affected by today's attacks; all others share in the ongoing horror that the day has brought to this country. Together we stand united as a university community on this day, and together we express our solidarity as Americans and as educators dedicated to bringing an end to unconscionable acts such as these.

As Americans, we will go through a period of pain and shock, but it is my firm belief that throughout this ordeal, each member of our UB family will display the qualities of character, compassion and courage that make the United States of America a great nation. We will deal first and foremost with the wounds of the victims, we will then turn to the wounds of our community and of the nation, and together we will heal our university community, state and country from the ravages of this great sin.

A day such as today underscores our importance and our responsibility as teachers and as researchers as we continue our efforts with our students and colleagues to build a strong and coherent framework of knowledge and understanding that may move the world away from this kind of madness.

We must work to ensure that our world will never stop striving for the triumph of humanity over such unspeakable inhumanity, both here at home, and in all other places and societies.

The UB homepage will carry updates regarding our university's response to today's tragedy. Please check http://www.buffalo.edu for the latest information on support services for our students, faculty and staff, as well as the closing of facilities.