• UB Team's Perfectly Aligned Carbon Nanotubes Will Make Flat Panel Displays Feasible And Affordable
    University at Buffalo researchers have announced technical advances in producing carbon nanotubes that will lead to affordable flat panel displays, which one day will make it possible to hang TV or computer monitors on the wall like a picture.
  • UB Expert Advocates Combining Behavior Therapy With Medication For Treatment of ADHD
    A University at Buffalo psychologist has told a national meeting called to prepare a consensus statement on treatment recommendations for children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder that these children need to receive behavior modification therapy along with medication if treatment for the disorder is to be long-lasting.
  • Web Site On AIDS Drugs Will Speed Sharing of Information Among Pharmacists And Physicians
    Pharmacologists in the University at Buffalo School of Pharmacy have launched a Web site where practitioners will be able to share and evaluate information about how anti-HIV medications work and interact.
  • Mini-Veterinary School Provides Information For Pet Owners
    The first "mini-vet school" for lay people in the U.S. is being offered by the University at Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences as an offshoot of the its popular mini-medical school.
  • UB School of Social Work Gets $1.2 Million Grant to Study Prevention of Substance-Abuse In Children
    A $1.2 million three-year federal grant to evaluate the effectiveness of family skills training to prevent substance abuse and other problems in children in welfare families where parents are involved in the abuse of alcohol or other drugs has been awarded to researchers in the University at Buffalo School of Social Work.
  • UB Stroke Researchers Develop New Technique to Measure Blood Rate-of-Flow, Treat Brain Malformations
    A new technique for determining the rate of blood flow, developed by researchers at the University at Buffalo Toshiba Stroke Research Center, will enable neurosurgeons to characterize and treat cerebrovascular abnormalities called arteriovenous malformations more effectively.
  • Merit-Based Scholarships Awarded to More Than 500 Freshmen
    More than 500 freshmen who entered the University at Buffalo this fall received scholarships of $2,500 or more -- totaling more than $1.3 million this year -- through several programs designed specifically to attract the best students to the university.
  • UB AIDS Adherence Clinic Gets Patients to Stick to Their Drug Regimens
    To maximize the chances that HIV patients will do well with their complex, medication regimens, the University at Buffalo School of Pharmacy has developed the world's first HIV Medication Adherence Clinic.
  • Problems With Archiving Electronic Materials May Make 20th Century "Worst-Documented" Period In History
    The electronic age has transformed nearly all fields of human endeavor and one of the conundrums in its wake -- how to preserve historic records -- turns out to be enormous and ironic.
  • Connection Between Endometriosis And Exposure to Dioxin-Like Toxicants to Be Studied At UB
    A University at Buffalo epidemiologist has received a one-year, $100,000 grant to conduct a pilot study on the potential relationship between endometriosis, a major cause of infertility in women, and exposure to certain environmental toxicants.
  • First Xerox Fellowship Recipient Selected At UB
    Stephanie Argentine of Buffalo has been selected as the first recipient of the Xerox Fellowship for Recruiting Excellence, funded by a $25,000 gift to the School of Management school from the Xerox Foundation.
  • Margarita Vargas to Head UB Department of Modern Languages And Literatures
    Margarita Vargas, Ph.D., whose work has been published in major literary journals here and abroad, has been named chair of the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures for a three-year term.
  • UB Foundation Incubator Marks 10th Anniversary; Eyes Even Greater Success As Part of UB Business Alliance
    With companies it has assisted now totaling nearly 400 employees and $51 million in revenues, the University at Buffalo Foundation Incubator is looking to even greater accomplishments as part of the new UB Business Alliance.
  • Former Duke Cardiologist Harold Strauss Named Chair of UB Department of Physiology And Biophysics
    Harold C. Strauss, M.D., former Edward S. Orgain Professor of Cardiology at Duke University Medical Center and a specialist in ion-channel function, has been named chair of the Department of Physiology and Biophysics in the School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences.
  • Sheffer In Beirut On Local Government Mission
    John B. Sheffer, II, director of the Institute for Local Governance and Regional Growth at UB, has joined a three-person delegation charged with assessing the structure and needs of local government in Lebanon.
  • Meetings In Jamestown to Focus On UB Offering Master's Degree Program In Social Work At Jcc
    Public information meetings on the feasibility of the UB offering a masters in social work (MSW) degree program in Jamestown will be held there on Nov. 17 and Dec. 2.
  • Russo Receives UB Engineer of The Year Award
    Anthony L. Russo, Ph.D., has been named "Engineer of the Year" by the UB Engineering Alumni Association.
  • Rappole to Coordinate UB's Distance-Learning Nursing Program In Jamestown
    Mary H. Rappole, a family nurse practitioner, has been named coordinator of the School of Nursing's bachelor's-degree distance-learning program in Jamestown.
  • UB Geography Professor to Speak On Asian Economic Crises
    The origins of the economic crises facing Asia and implications for the United States will be explored in a talk by Jessie P.H. Poon, Ph.D., on Nov. 19.
  • UB to Hold Cardiovascular Diseases Symposium
    Advances in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases will be the focus of a Pharmacotherapy for Cardiovascular Diseases Symposium to be held on Nov. 19.
  • Perez Selected to Serve As Liaison to Aafp
    Brenda L. Perez, a second-year student in the University at Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, has been selected to serve as student membership liaison for the American Academy of Family Physicians.
  • Penksa to Lead UB's State-Relations Programs, Initiatives
    Janet Penksa, vice president for The Center for Health Policy Studies in Albany, has been named an associate vice president for university services at UB.
  • Palya Named Assistant Dean In UB School of Social Work
    Janet Palya, director of field education in the School of Social Work, has been named assistant dean for field education and off-campus programs.
  • Genetic Testing to Be Topic of UB Senior Alumni Luncheon
    Technological advances in genetics will be discussed during a UB Senior Alumni Luncheon program at noon on Nov. 20.
  • Town Meeting to Mark Anniversary of Universal Declaration of Human Rights
    A town meeting marking the 50th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights will be held at 7:30 p.m. on Dec. 8 in the Center for Tomorrow on the North (Amherst) Campus.
  • Study On UB South Campus Neighborhood Receives Support From Alumnus
    A closer look at housing and economic issues in the neighborhood surrounding the UB South Campus is the focus of a new UB study, partially funded by a $25,000 gift from a 1967 alumnus, in the hopes of uncovering alternatives for revitalizing the neighborhood.
  • Ludwig to Discuss "Genderlect" In "UB At Sunrise" Program
    The difference between women's and men's use of language will be Jeanette M. Ludwig’s focus in a "UB at Sunrise" breakfast program to be held Nov. 19 in the Center for Tomorrow.
  • Kanski Receives UB Nursing Dean's Award For Excellence
    Genevieve W. Kanski, Ed.D., clinical assistant professor in the School of Nursing, has received the second annual Dean's Award for Excellence in Teaching from the school.
  • Adele Henderson Named to Head UB Art Department
    Adele Henderson, an accomplished printmaker whose complex, abstract work has been exhibited throughout the United States, has been named chair of the Department of Art.
  • Headrick to Step Down As UB Provost
    UB Provost Thomas E. Headrick will step down as the university's chief academic officer effective Jan. 1, President William R. Greiner has announced.
  • UB Students, Faculty Recognized By Honor Society
    The UB chapter of the Golden Key National Honor Society recently recognized five UB faculty members and two "especially distinguished students" during its 11th annual fall induction ceremony.
  • Folta, Moran Named to Development Positions At UB
    The Office of University Development has made two appointments, in the School of Pharmacy and School of Management.
  • UB Professor Honored By Philosophy Community
    Kah Kyung Cho, SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor in the Department of Philosophy, has been honored with a festschrift on the occasion of the 16th anniversary of the founding of the Korean Society for Phenomenology.
  • UB President's Medal Awarded to Lawrence P. Castellani
    Lawrence P. Castellani, former chair of the UB Council and the Board of Trustees of the UB Foundation, Inc., received the UB President's Medal in recognition of extraordinary service to UB at the annual University Founders Dinner held on Nov. 9.
  • UB Business Alliance Names Advisory Board
    Ronald J. Allman of East Amherst, plant manager at American Axle-Tonawanda Forge, has been named chair of the advisory board of the University at Buffalo Business Alliance.
  • UB's Role In Advancing Internet Technologies Made Possible Through Equipment Donation
    To support UB's efforts to partner with academic institutions across the country to take the lead in developing the next generation of Internet technology, Bay Networks, a Nortel Networks line of business and leader in the world-wide networking market, has donated Internet network equipment to the university.
  • New Student Housing Going Up "Live" On The Web
    Construction of new apartment-style housing for undergraduate students at the University at Buffalo is becoming a world-wide event, thanks to a new live Webcam that captures -- and displays online -- up-to-the-second progress on the housing site from a window of a nearby academic building.
  • UB Business Alliance Places Industrial-Assistance Programs Under One Roof, Offering Businesses A "One-Stop Shop"
    Businesses in Western New York and beyond have a new and improved way to access the University at Buffalo in the UB Business Alliance, an organization designed to enhance the university's partnerships with industry.
  • UB Expert In Mudflows Travels to Nicaragua to Study Causes of The Decade's "Worst Volcanic Disaster"
    A University at Buffalo scientist who is an expert in volcanic mudflows will travel to Nicaragua on Saturday to evaluate the possible causes of last weekend's devastating mudflow that occurred with the catastrophic collapse of Casita volcano and killed thousands of people in several villages.
  • Nicaraguan Tragedy Was Caused By Rain And Avalanche, Says Leader of First Scientific Team to Visit Site
    The deaths of 1,650 people and the destruction of two villages last month near Casita volcano in Nicaragua were caused not by mudslides, as originally thought, but by a flood surge traveling at speeds of up to 50 miles per hour, according to a University at Buffalo professor who led an international scientific expedition that traveled to the country last week.
  • "Volcano of Fire" Could Be Entering Its Most Dangerous Phase In Nearly A Century, UB Expert Says
    The eruption of Colima volcano in Mexico that began on Nov. 20 has produced its first pyroclastic flows that could signal the start of the volcano's most dangerous period since its catastrophic eruption in 1913, a University at Buffalo volcanologist says.