• Ineffective.Com New Study Says Many Company Web Sites Do Poor Job of Marketing, Advertising
    They may be flashy and gimmicky, but most company Web sites would flunk a test of simple "Marketing 101" theory because they fail to follow basic marketing strategy, a new University at Buffalo study suggests.
  • $530,000 Gift to UB Pharmacy School to Fund Scholarships
    Determined to open the doors to an outstanding professional education to even more students, Violet Newton has shown her philanthropic generosity again with a new gift of $530,000 to the University at Buffalo School of Pharmacy
  • Excess Body Hair, Apple-Shape In Women May Indicate Increased Risk of Breast Cancer
    Women who display certain physical characteristics, such as abundant body hair, excessively oily skin and an apple-shaped physique, may have a greater risk of developing breast cancer than other women, researchers at the University at Buffalo have found.
  • Mandell Named Dean of UB School of Management
    Lewis Mandell has been named dean of the University at Buffalo School of Management, effective Aug. 1.
  • UB Center For Earthquake Engineering Research Receives $12 Million to Study Transportation Systems
    The Multidisciplinary Center for Earthquake Engineering Research, headquartered at the University at Buffalo, will receive $12 million over the next six years from the U.S. Department of Transportation to apply its expertise to improving the seismic performance of the nation's surface transportation system.
  • Lawrence D. Jacobs, Pioneer In Fight Against Ms
    Lawrence D. Jacobs, M.D., credits his involvement with the treatment and prevention of multiple sclerosis -- the interest that has become his life's work -- to serendipity.
  • UB Students Get Paid to Sit In Science Class to Evaluate Faculty Learning Case-Study Approach
    Attendance rates have jumped to 95 percent in some instances when case studies -- standard practice in business, law and medicine -- are used at the University at Buffalo in science courses for nonscience majors.
  • UB Studies Link Low Dietary Calcium, Vitamin C With Increased Risk of Gum Disease
    Studies by researchers in the University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine show that people with low levels of Vitamin C in their diets, and those who had too little calcium as young adults, appear to have nearly twice the risk of developing periodontal disease later in life than people with higher dietary levels of either nutrient.
  • Blunted Blood Pressure Response to Exercise May Predict Impending Heart Failure In Mi Patients
    Results of an exercise stress test may help identify recovering heart-attack patients who could be at increased risk of heart failure and premature death, but the predictor in 651 men studied by University at Buffalo researchers turned out to be lowered blood pressure, a factor usually considered an asset.
  • New Book Advises Parents Not to Be "Wimpy;" Offers Help On How to Avoid Raising A "Brat"
    The progressive, child-centered parenting movement, popular during the past two decades, has given rise to a national epidemic of families in which children are "running" the show, according to child psychologist and family therapist Kenneth N. Condrell, Ph.D.
  • Study Shows Athletes Get No Kick From Nasal Strips
    Athletes who wear a nasal strip thinking it will increase their air intake and improve their performance are fooling themselves, a new study by exercise science researchers at the University at Buffalo shows.
  • New Center Will Develop Systems, Technologies to Reduce Injury And Loss of Life From Car Crashes
    The Calspan-University at Buffalo Research Center will receive $12 million in federal funding over the next six years for a new Center for Transportation Injury Research.
  • UB Fertility Researchers Find They Can Predict Pregnancy By Assessing Two Sperm Abnormalities
    Fertility researchers in the University at Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences have found a link between two sperm abnormalities and low pregnancy potential.
  • Extreme Prematurity Brings Two-Fold Increase In Risk of Repeating A Grade, Needing Special Education Educational Outcomes Have Remained Stable Over Time
    Children who have survived extreme prematurity due to the advent of advanced medical treatments, primarily the development of lung surfactant, are twice as likely to repeat a grade and need special education compared with children born at full term, a new study at the University at Buffalo has shown.
  • Biogen Endows $1.5 Million Chair In Neurology At UB Lawrence D. Jacobs, Professor of Neurology, to Be First Holder
    Biogen, a leading international biotechnology company headquartered in Cambridge, Mass., has established the Irvin and Rosemary Smith Chair in Neurology in the University at Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences through an endowment of $1.5 million.
  • School of Management to Offer Master's In Accounting
    A master's of science degree in accounting program will be offered by the University at Buffalo School of Management beginning this fall.
  • Medical Rehabilitation Conference Set For July 12-13
    A conference on strategies to move patients successfully from acute care back into the community will be held July 12-13 in the Sheraton Inn Buffalo Airport.
  • UB to Offer Annual Tax Practitioner Institute
    The Center for Management Development in the School of Management, in cooperation with the Internal Revenue Service, will offer its annual IRS Tax Practitioner seminar on Aug. 25.
  • UB Students Receive First Chancellor's Award
    Six undergraduate students from UB have received the first annual Chancellor's Award for Student Excellence from State University of New York Chancellor John W. Ryan in conjunction with SUNY's 50th anniversary celebration.
  • UB Pharmacy School Recognizes Students At Commencement
    The UB School of Pharmacy recognized 23 students with awards at its recent commencement ceremony.
  • UB Nursing School Graduates Receive Awards
    Eighteen students in the University at Buffalo School of Nursing received awards and scholarships at the school's commencement ceremony in May.
  • Mistrett Honored By Council For Exceptional Children
    Susan G. Mistrett, education specialist in the Department of Occupational Therapy in the School of Health Related Professions, has been awarded the 1998 Service Award by the Technology and Media Division of the Council for Exceptional Children.
  • W. Howard Mann, 87, Law School Professor Emeritus
    A memorial service was held in Missoula, Mont., for W. Howard Mann, who served as a professor of constitutional law in the Law School from 1967-85.
  • UB Law Students Honored At Commencement
    Forty-eight graduates of the UB School of Law received awards during the law school's 1998 commencement ceremony.
  • UB Graduate Receives Doctoral Dissertation Award
    Kara Latorella, who received her doctorate from the UB Department of Industrial Engineering in 1997, has been named the 1998 winner of the Stanley N. Roscoe Award for the best doctoral dissertation in a research area related to aerospace human factors.
  • School of Health Related Professions Honors Graduates
    Twenty-four new graduates of the School of Health Related Professions were honored with scholarships and awards recently during the school's recent commencement ceremony.
  • Creativity, Leadership, Lifelong Learning -- Howard Gardner Will Explores Them All Noted Researcher, Author Will Speak At UB On June 21
    Howard Gardner -- MacArthur Foundation fellow, an award-winning scientist and one of the most provocative theorists in the fields of social psychology and education today – will speak at UB on June 21.
  • Fischman Honored For Work With Hiv Patients
    Stuart L. Fischman, D.M.D., professor emeritus of oral diagnostic sciences at the UB, recently was honored by the New York State Health Department/AIDS Institute for achievement and commitment in providing services and care for individuals with HIV and their families.
  • Graduating UB Dental Students Honored
    Thirty-one graduating seniors in the School of Dental Medicine recently received awards at the school's annual Senior Awards Banquet.
  • Program to Help Western New York Schools Cope With Education Reform, Solve School Problems Assistance Available to Any Teacher, School Or Administrator In WNY
    The Collaborative Research Network has been established by the UB Graduate School of Education to work with local schools, teachers and administrators to reform their curriculums and teaching methods and solve problems.
  • UB to Become Computer-Based, Standardized-Testing Site
    The UB Career Planning and Placement Office is one of 50 sites out of more than 200 applicants selected by the Educational Testing Services to offer computer-based testing beginning this fall.
  • Memorial Service Set For Seymour Axelrod
    A memorial service will be held on June 14 for Seymour Axelrod, 70, a psychologist who was professor emeritus in the departments of psychiatry and psychology at UB.
  • 2 UB Professors Named SUNY Distinguished Professors
    Two faculty members at the University at Buffalo -- J. Ronald Gentile, Ph.D., and Wolfgang Wölck, Ph.D. -- have joined the ranks of distinguished professors appointed by the State University of New York Board of Trustees.
  • Poor Young Adults Speak of Their Lives In A "Bleak And Poignant Volume" Their Numbers Are Legion, Their Losses Unimaginable, They Are Sinking Fast
    A groundbreaking study of poverty-stricken young Americans that offers compelling evidence that despite a continuous flow of sunny, upbeat economic reports that imply that we are all doing better than ever, millions in this group are doing very poorly has been co-authored by a University at Buffalo sociologist.
  • Moderate Drinking May Protect Heart By Improving Insulin Resistance, Study Suggests
    A partial answer to the question of how moderate drinking helps to protect against coronary heart disease may be found in a new University at Buffalo study linking alcohol consumption with improved insulin sensitivity.