UB to Offer Telecourses Through Millard Fillmore College

By Mary Beth Spina

Release Date: July 16, 1997 This content is archived.


BUFFALO, N.Y.--The University at Buffalo will further its participation into the burgeoning area of distance learning this fall with two telecourses offered through its Millard Fillmore College Division.

The courses on American film and nutrition will air from Sept. 2 through Dec. 13. on educational access channels via TCI/Buffalo, Adelphia Cable and Lockport Community Television.

Telecourses are ideal for busy adults who want to earn college credit in the comfort of their own homes. For some, these courses may be a first step toward earning a college degree.

They are designed to be "user friendly," allowing students to videotape sessions and replay them at their convenience.

UB faculty members Brian Henderson, professor of media study, and Peter Horvath, associate professor of physical therapy, nutrition and exercise science, will provide additional study material and instructional support. Tests and study guides will be available through the UB bookstore, and students will be required to attend an orientation session and take exams on campus.

Ten one-hour classes on "American Cinema" (DMS 108) will provide students with an exciting introduction to American filmmaking. Through encounters with classic films, students will learn about the interplay between society and popular culture and how to think, speak and write critically in an increasingly visual culture

The course will feature interviews with more than 150 Hollywood insiders, including studio executives, directors and cinematographers, and clips from more than 300 movies.

It was produced by the New York Center for Visual History, KCET/Los Angeles and the British Broadcasting Corp. for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the Public Broadcasting System (PBS).

Topics to be covered include the classic Hollywood style, the studio system, the star system, the Western, film noir, film in the television age and romantic comedy.

Henderson teaches film history and theory, and screenwriting at UB. He has authored four books on film and is on the editorial board of Film Quarterly.

"Nutrition Pathways" (NTR 108/Human Nutrition) will follow three individuals for a year to demonstrate how nutrition choices affect their health and their lives. The telecourse, consisting of 26 half-hour sessions, was produced by Dallas County (Texas) Community College District. Topics to be examined include the basics of nutrition, energy regulation and weight control, carbohydrate and fiber intake effects on health, lipids and the health effects of fat, nutrition from pregnancy to aging, various health problems and the relation to nutrition and consumer concerns.

Horvath is a fellow of the American College of Nutrition and for the past eight years has been a faculty member in UB's nutrition program.

Although anyone with access to TCI/Buffalo, Adelphia Cable and Locport Community Television can view the telecourses, those interested in obtaining credit for participating must register in advance. Class size for the telecourses is limited.

For more information or to register for the courses, call 716-829-2202 to speak with an MFC advisor.