• Periodontal Disease In Postmenopausal Women May Indicate Presence of Osteoporosis
    Among postmenopausal women, a diagnosis of periodontal disease -- commonly known as gum disease -- may indicate that the patient also has osteoporosis, bone loss that can result in serious fractures, a pilot study by researchers at the University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine has shown.
  • UB Study Shows Weightlessness Should Not Hinder Astronauts' Physical Activity In Space
    Prolonged exposure to a weightless environment should not hinder astronauts from doing work requiring physical exertion in space, results of a new study by researchers at the University at Buffalo have shown.
  • Studies Define Effectiveness of Two Mouthwashes
    Mouthwashes can do more than make your tongue tingle and keep your breath fresh.
  • First Phase of Martin House Restoration Project Out For Bid; Work Expected to Begin July 1
    The State University Construction Fund has announced that it is requesting construction bids for the first phase of the restoration of the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Darwin D. Martin House Complex. Bidding opened March 29 and will close April 26.
  • University At Buffalo Begins Second Program to Prepare Malaysian Students For U.S. Colleges
    The University at Buffalo Intensive English Language Institute, which in the 1980s helped prepare more than 1,000 Malaysian students for transfer to U.S. colleges, is once again involved in a transfer-preparation program in Malaysia.
  • UB Korean Studies Fund Drive Launched; Over $140,000 In Gifts And Pledges Received to Date
    To further enhance the excellence of the University at Buffalo Korean Studies Program, friends, staff and alumni volunteers have created a committee known as The Society in Support of Korean Studies.
  • Access to Quality Health Care Eludes Urban Poor Despite Medicaid Coverage
    A survey of 1,226 adult residents of a largely Puerto Rican Hispanic neighborhood in Buffalo has shown that Medicaid coverage does not guarantee access to quality health care for the urban poor.
  • Chemical Engineer Robert Good Honored By Adhesion Society
    Robert J. Good, Ph.D., professor emeritus in the University at Buffalo Department of Chemical Engineering, has been selected by the Adhesion Society to receive its 3M Award for Excellence in Adhesion Science.
  • Genco Receives Isadore Hirschfeld Memorial Award
    Robert J. Genco, D.D.S., Ph.D., Distinguished Professor of periodontics and oral biology at the University at Buffalo, has received the 1995 Isadore Hirschfeld Memorial Award and Certificate from the Northeastern Society of Periodontists (NESP).
  • Dyson Elected President of Archaeological Institute of America
    Archaeologist and art historian Stephen L. Dyson, professor and chair of the Department of Classics at the University at Buffalo, has been elected president of the Archaeological Institute of America (AIA).
  • Dias Receives Young Clinician Investigator Award
    Mark S. Dias, M.D., assistant professor of neurosurgery at the University at Buffalo and chief of pediatric neurosurgery at Children's Hospital, has received the 1995 Research Foundation Young Clinician Investigator Award.
  • Studies Show Smoking Increases Risk of Oral Lesions, Delays Healing Following Treatment For Periodontal Disease
    Smoking can increase the chances of developing precancerous oral lesions and other types of tissue abnormalities, and can interfere with healing after treatment for gum disease, results of two studies conducted by researchers at the University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine have shown.
  • Prescription Bleaching Agent Damages Dental-Fillings Material
    Dental bleaching agents can damage some tooth fillings, leaving the tooth surface potentially more susceptible to staining and plaque formation, a study by researchers at the University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine has found.
  • Historian And Reporter Team Up to Examine How The U.S. Defines Itself Through Its Schools Charge That Elitists Eliminate Multi-Ethnic, Multi-Racial America From Curriculums
    The brand of American history taught to the nation's school children once again is at the heart of a heated and often-explosive nationwide debate. This time around, it pits "neo-nativists" against "multiculturalists" from New York to California.
  • The Electronic Classroom Becomes A Reality At UB
    The Electronic Classroom is becoming a reality at the University at Buffalo. Here are three examples of how technology is changing the way that professors teach, test and communicate with students.
  • Psychologist Says State And Federal Budget Cuts May Reflect New Forms of Racism Cuts Demonstrate That Democratic And Racist Attitudes Are At War Within Us
    "Modern racism" may in some cases be behind proposed cuts in social and education programs at the federal and state levels, according to a clinical associate professor of psychology at the University at Buffalo.
  • Study Shows Genetic Connection Between Cigarette Smoking And Breast-Cancer Risk In Some Women
    Research at the University at Buffalo has yielded further evidence of a genetic link between cigarette smoking and breast-cancer risk in humans.
  • UB's Howard Wolf Publishes 10th Book, "Broadway Serenade"
    A new novel by Amherst resident Howard Wolf, professor of English at the University at Buffalo, will be published next month by the Academic Foundation of Delhi, India.
  • Study Reaffirms That Use of An Electric Blanket Does Not Increase The Risk of Breast Cancer
    Premenopausal women who sleep under an electric blanket do not significantly increase their risk of developing breast cancer, a study conducted by researchers at the University at Buffalo has shown.
  • UB Graduate School of Education Rated In Top 10 In Northeast By U.S. News & World Report
    The University at Buffalo Graduate School of Education has been ranked in the top 10 graduate schools of education in the Northeast by U.S. News & World Report.
  • UB Study Examines Effectiveness, Efficiency And Student Achievement In 100 WNY School Districts Student Achievement Scores Alone Do Not Tell The Whole Story, Say Educators
    A new study by University at Buffalo education researchers casts a new light on the performance of 100 of Western New York's 102 school Districts (data was insufficient for two districts).
  • UB Center Boosts Business In Western New York By Helping Companies Improve Their Competitiveness The Center For Industrial Effectiveness Has Assisted 125 Firms Since 1987
    Birdair, Inc., the Amherst company whose air-supported and fabric-membrane structures include the elegant, white-peaked roof of the new Denver airport, knew it had a winning design proposal for the new Shanghai Stadium in China.
  • New Book By UB Law Professor Explores Her Life As A "White" Black Woman
    Judy Scales-Trent, professor of law at the University at Buffalo, is a light-skinned black woman whose new book, "Notes of a White Black Woman" (1995, Penn State Press), describes a painful and hidden part of the black experience in America.