• Study Suggests Most Short Children Are Well Adjusted, Raises Questions About Treating Them With Growth Hormone
    Most short children are well-adjusted and have no serious social or emotional problems, despite assumptions by some physicians and parents, a new study by researchers at the University at Buffalo and Children's Hospital of Buffalo has shown.
  • Grants Fund Interactive Video Connection Between Seven Rural WNY Hospitals, 2 Buffalo Hospitals Buffalo Mds Will "Examine" Patients In Rural Facilities
    A patient is wheeled into the emergency room of a small rural hospital. While the resident physician works on the patient, a phone call is placed to the region's major trauma center in an urban teaching hospital 75 miles away.
  • Nurse Practitioners Still Face Barriers In Most States; States East of The Mississippi Are Most Restrictive Only 5 States Grant Full Authority; Illinois And Hawaii Don't Recognize Nps
    While nurse practitioners are considered part of the solution to physician shortages, many states still place restrictions on their practice, according to a study by researchers in the University at Buffalo School of Nursing.
  • Mcconnell Named Chair of UB Department of Geography
    James E. McConnell, Ph.D., professor of geography and director of the Canada-U.S. Trade Center at the University at Buffalo, has been named chair of the university's Department of Geography for a three-year term.
  • "Negative" Advocacy Messages Boost Recycling, UB Study Finds
    Negativity isn't always bad. In fact, when it comes to encouraging consumer recycling, advocacy messages that are negative are more effective than messages that are positively framed, a researcher at the University at Buffalo has found.
  • Appeal of Radio Programs Crucial to Impact of Ads, UB Study Finds
    The more a listener likes a radio show and is actively involved in the program, the more receptive he or she will be to the advertisements aired during the show, a study by a University at Buffalo researcher has found.
  • Donation of 25,000 Publications Will Make UB Libraries Research Center of The Science-Fiction Universe
    A recent donation of 25,000 science-fiction, adventure and pulp-fiction books and magazines has added a new dimension to the University at Buffalo's highly respected library holdings.
  • UB MBA Students Rank No. 1 Nationally On Cpa Exam
    The University at Buffalo School of Management has ranked first on the May 1993 Certified Public Accounting (CPA) exam among candidates with advanced degrees.
  • Importance of Pacific Rim, Student Demand Spurs UB to Expand Asian Studies Program
    Student demand and the increasing importance of the Pacific Rim to the economy of the United States prompted the University at Buffalo to expand its Asian Studies program, established 18 months ago.
  • UB Study of A Low-Income, Largely Puerto Rican Population Documents Major Health Problems, Barriers to Health Care Smoking, Alcohol Consumption, Asthma And Diabetes Taking Heavy Toll
    Residents of Buffalo's low-income, largely Hispanic Lower West Side are twice as sick as the U.S. population living in poverty, and face major barriers to receiving adequate health care, results of a comprehensive health survey conducted by the University at Buffalo Center for Urban Research in Primary Care has revealed.
  • UB Program Uses Toys to Help Children With Disabilities
    While most people may think of toys only as recreational items for children, researchers in the Early Intervention Lab of the Center for Assistive Technology at the University at Buffalo see them, and other everyday items, as a means to help infants and toddlers with disabilities communicate, move and learn.