• Victor Doyno to Lead Mark "Twainiacs"
    Victor Doyno, professor of English at the University at Buffalo and one of the country's foremost Mark Twain scholars, will be installed this month as president of the Mark Twain Circle during the annual meeting of the American Literature Association in San Diego. He will hold the position until May, 1996.
  • Project Involving Innovative Use of Information Technology is Finalist For Computerworld Smithsonian Award
    A specialist in the University at Buffalo Department of Rehabilitation Medicine watches his young patient’s efforts to relearn to walk after a debilitating illness, and discusses her progress with her parents and physical therapist.
  • Cho, Drinnan Named Distinguished Professors By SUNY Trustees
    Kah-Kyung Cho, professor of philosophy at the University at Buffalo, and Alan J. Drinnan, professor and chair of the Department of Oral Medicine in the UB School of Dental Medicine, have been named Distinguished Professor, the highest faculty rank in the State University of New York system, by the SUNY Board of Trustees.
  • Higher Colon-Cancer Mortality Rates Among Blacks Appear Related to Deaths Among Those Under Age 50
    A new study from the University at Buffalo and Meharry Medical College indicates that the difference in colon-cancer mortality rates between blacks and whites may be due partly to the fact that young blacks appear to develop a more virulent form of colon cancer, and die sooner, than blacks who get the disease later in life.
  • UB Law Students Offer Strategies For Spurring "Brownfield" Redevelopment In Erie County
    Environmentalists, businesses and governments must work together more effectively if "brownfields" -- abandoned, urban industrial sites -- are to be cleaned up and reclaimed, according to a report presented to Erie County officials today (Thursday, May 12) by University at Buffalo law students.