International Students

Updated November 29, 2021

For many years, UB has been ranked among the top U.S. institutions enrolling international students. These students offer immeasurable academic and cultural value to our campuses and local communities, while having a substantial economic impact on Western New York.

  • Nearly all of UB international students enroll at UB on non-immigrant student visas; they cannot become residents of New York State while on a student visa, and thus they pay full non-resident tuition for all the years they are enrolled at UB. Tuition for international students covers the direct cost of their education.
  • As non-immigrants, most of UB’s international students are focused on completing their education while in the U.S. and returning to their home countries to begin their careers.
  • Thousands of international students attend UB each year and the university is very pleased they selected UB to pursue their education. International students do not displace New York State residents, who make up a majority of the student body.
  • UB’s campus community includes international students from more than 100 countries – enriching our campus life and creating opportunities for cross-cultural exchange with local students, faculty and staff
  • UB’s international students help internationalize the university, making UB a great, globally minded university for all UB students by:
    • Building bridges between Americans and those of other nationalities.
    • Bringing global perspectives to U.S. classrooms and research labs.
    • Supporting U.S. innovation through science and engineering coursework and research
    • Supporting programing and services on campus for all students by paying tuition at out-of-state rates, funded largely by non-U.S. sources.
    • Contributing to the university as graduates through strong alumni chapters overseas and through increasing philanthropic support.
  • 2020 report on the economic impact of international students to the regional economy by the Association of International Educators (NAFSA) estimates that International students attending UB contributed $127.1 million to the local economy, leading to the creation or support of 1,403 jobs. The COVID-19 pandemic had a severe impact on colleges and universities as many new international students had to study remotely from their own countries and had a reduced economic impact locally.