Patricia Logan-Greene talks to host Vicky Santos about preventing gun violence

Patricia Logan-Greene.

Episode 11: Preventing Gun Violence with Patricia Logan-Greene

18:31 Run Time | February 27, 2024

When social work researcher Patricia Logan-Greene sought out introductory readings for her students on the topic of gun violence, she was shocked to find there weren’t any. Every day, social workers are in the homes of those most at risk of gun violence. Who better to prevent it? Now Logan-Greene, an associate professor at the University at Buffalo and an expert on violence and victimization, is co-leading a national initiative to put social workers front and center in the effort to make people safe in a country rife with firearms. In this episode, host Vicky Santos talks to Logan-Greene about the scourge of gun violence in America (mass shootings are a tiny fraction of the problem), the immeasurable impact it is having on our collective mental health, and why social workers are uniquely positioned to help stop it without restricting anyone’s Second Amendment rights.