R. Lorraine Collins talks to host David Hill about cannabis legalization

Samantha Barbas.

Episode 8 - Cannabis Legalization with R. Lorraine Collins

19:16 Run Time | October 31, 2023

There are few people more qualified to weigh in on the legalization of cannabis than psychologist R. Lorraine Collins, a renowned addictions expert who started researching the drug decades ago, long before the wave of legalization began sweeping the U.S. In this episode of Driven to Discover, David Hill talks to Collins, a SUNY Distinguished Professor at the University at Buffalo and director of the Center for Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research, about the pros and cons of legal cannabis, what New York State is getting right (and wrong) in its legalization journey, the historical racism behind cannabis being designated a Schedule I substance, and why it’s so critical for research that the federal government reclassify it.