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Michael Rembis

Director of the Center for Disability Studies
University at Buffalo College of Arts and Sciences


Disability history; disability studies; history of madness and mental illness; mental health in the context of prisons/mass incarceration; history of eugenics

Head shot of Michael Rembis, University at Buffalo disability history and disability studies expert.

Michael Rembis is an expert on disability history, including the history of madness.

He is director of the Center for Disability Studies at UB and has worked with colleagues around the world to expand and solidify the fields of disability history and disability studies.

He has authored or edited numerous books, book chapters or articles in the field, with these works exploring critical areas within disability history, including family, community and daily life; cultural histories; the relationship between disabled people and medicine; issues of citizenship, belonging and normalcy; and disability history from a global perspective.

Rembis’ research interests include the history of institutionalization, mad people's history, and the history of eugenics. He has also studied and written about contemporary issues concerning mental health and mental illness and mass incarceration.


Michael Rembis, PhD
Director of the Center for Disability Studies
Associate Professor of History

University at Buffalo College of Arts and Sciences