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Margaret Rhee

Assistant Professor of Media Study
University at Buffalo College of Arts and Sciences


Digital storytelling; participatory art; new media, ethnic, cultural, Asian American, queer and feminist studies

Portrait of Margaret Rhee, University at Buffalo new media and social justice expert.

Margaret Rhee is a poet, scholar and new media artist with wide-ranging interests in the areas of ethnic, cultural, queer and feminist studies.

Rhee is interested in how technology and new media can promote equity, political participation and social justice. She can speak to news outlets about a variety of topics at the intersection of gender, sexuality and race, and technology, art and popular culture.

Rhee’s debut poetry collection, “Love, Robot,” was published in 2017. She is also author of the poetry chapbooks “Yellow” and “Radio Heart; or, How Robots Fall Out of Love.” Other works in progress or completed include a monograph titled, “How We Became Human: Race, Robots, and the Asian American Body,” a scholarly study of robots, media and race, and “Poetry Machines,” a collection of lyrical essays on electronic literature.

At UB, Rhee co-leads the Palah 파랗 Light Lab, which fosters poetry, participation and pedagogy through technology and equity. Utilizing a feminist and queer-centered approach, this community of artists, academics and activists investigates questions in cultural criticism, the networked arts and humanities. Lab members place equity at the forefront of their work, seeking to engage new media in experimental ways that address pressing social issues and injustices.


Margaret Rhee, PhD
Assistant Professor of Media Study
University at Buffalo College of Arts and Sciences