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Mara Huber

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Research and Experiential Learning
University at Buffalo


Experiential learning, study abroad, virtual study abroad, university-community partnerships

Portrait of Mara Huber, University at Buffalo experiential learning expert.

Mara Huber‘s research and professional interests include models of university engagement and experiential learning.

At UB, Huber has served in a number of leadership roles focused on fostering student and faculty engagement, and building capacity for high-impact experiential learning. She is interested in how diverse professionals and students can join together to tackle complex challenges, especially through international collaborations.

Huber is founder of the UB Project Portal, a web-based platform that connects students with mentored projects, leveraging digital badges. Opportunities include engagement with global non-governmental organizations, allowing students to contextualize the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals while contributing resources and talents.

These opportunities build on Huber’s longstanding relationship with the Mara Region of Tanzania, beginning with the Buffalo Tanzania Education Project and evolving through a yearly study abroad course, now offered in a virtual format. Huber works with partnering organizations to transform needs and challenges into project opportunities, while helping students clarify and support their own academic and professional goals. Applications for the model include programs in K-12 and higher education, and co-curricular enhancement.


Mara Huber, PhD
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Research and Experiential Learning, University at Buffalo
Director of the Experiential Learning Network, University at Buffalo
Affiliated Faculty in the Department of Psychology, University at Buffalo College of Arts and Sciences