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Kenneth Joseph

Associate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering
University at Buffalo School of Engineering and Applied Sciences


Computing for social good; societal impacts of social media and online platforms (including in news and politics); inequality and societal divides; artificial intelligence

Portrait of Kenneth Joseph, University at Buffalo computing for social good expert.

Kenneth Joseph uses machine learning, natural language processing, simulations and other computer science techniques to study social and cultural issues.

He is interested in how computing can be used to understand societal problems and advance social good. Within this framework, his research has delved into a variety of topics, such as use of social media in disaster response, gender bias in the workplace, misinformation and politics, and patterns of online local news consumption in the U.S. during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Broad areas of interest include understanding inequality and impacts and representations of stereotypes and prejudice, and analyzing societal divides (such as partisanship in social media networks).


Kenneth Joseph, PhD
Associate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering
University at Buffalo School of Engineering and Applied Sciences