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Jeff Good

Chair and Professor of Linguistics
University at Buffalo College of Arts and Sciences


Morphology, syntax, evolution of languages, endangered languages, language documentation, multilingualism

Portrait of Jeff Good, University at Buffalo language and linguistics expert.

Jeff Good can speak to media about a variety of topics relating to language, its evolution and its use in daily life.

Among other topics, he is an expert on the study of word and sentence structure (known, respectively, as morphology and syntax). He is also interested in endangered languages, and methods for documenting, describing and archiving languages.

Much of Good’s work has focused on the Lower Fungom region of Northwest Cameroon, where the average adult speaks five languages, many of which are endangered. As a member of an international team that includes researchers from Cameroon, he has worked on collaborative projects to document, map and investigate the social dynamics of languages in Lower Fungom.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Good partnered with colleagues in linguistics and public health to publish a paper on the importance of translating public health messages into marginalized languages.


Good can respond to interview requests in English and French.


Jeff Good, PhD
Chair and Professor of Linguistics, University at Buffalo College of Arts and Sciences
Executive Committee Member of the Center for Information Integrity, University at Buffalo