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Jason Briner

Professor of Geology
University at Buffalo College of Arts and Sciences


Climate change, sea level rise, glaciers, ice sheets, Greenland Ice Sheet, Arctic environmental change

Head shot of Jason Briner.

Jason Briner studies the history of climate and ice in the Arctic. He can speak to the media about climate change, including how global warming affects ice sheets, glaciers, sea level rise and the Arctic environment.

Each year, Briner brings students to Greenland and other parts of the Arctic to conduct field work. His team collects geologic evidence, such as samples of boulders and lakebed mud, that provide clues about how ice sheets and glaciers fluctuated in size during periods of ancient warming or cooling. His lab also investigates how global warming may alter Arctic precipitation patterns.

Briner’s research, which has been published in journals including Science and Nature Geoscience, provides a glimpse into how ice on Earth responded to climate events in prehistoric times.


Jason P. Briner, PhD
Professor of Geology
Director of the Glacier History Lab

University at Buffalo College of Arts and Sciences