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Hua (Helen) Wang

Professor of Communication
University at Buffalo College of Arts and Sciences


Communication strategies for health promotion and social change; entertainment-education; communication technology; social networks; digital media literacy; health interventions

Portrait of Hua (Helen) Wang, University at Buffalo communication and health promotion expert.

Hua (Helen) Wang can speak to media about communication strategies, especially in the context of promoting public health and behavior change. She can discuss topics such as public health messaging, community engagement, and media literacy on digital platforms and elsewhere.

Wang’s research focuses on the use of storytelling and technology for engaging mass audiences, especially vulnerable population groups such as women, youth and refugees, to promote the well-being of individuals, groups and society at large.

She specializes in entertainment-education, especially in the areas of sexual and reproductive health and gender equality. This communication strategy leverages the power of dramatic storytelling through and across channels such as web series, interactive games and social media to share messages about health and social issues. Her projects often take the form of interdisciplinary collaborations to design, implement and evaluate public campaigns and health interventions.


Hua (Helen) Wang, PhD
Professor of Communication
University at Buffalo College of Arts and Sciences