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Brian Tsuji

Professor of Pharmacy Practice
University at Buffalo School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences


Superbugs, antibiotic-resistant bacteria, antibiotics

Portrait of Brian Tsuji, University at Buffalo superbugs and antibiotic resistance expert.

Brian Tsuji is an expert on antibiotic-resistant bacteria — widely known as superbugs — and the urgent public health threat they pose in the United States and around the globe.

Tsuji’s work focuses on crafting novel combinations of drugs to combat these deadly bacteria, which are immune to most, if not all, medications. He was lead author of the “International Polymyxin Dosing Guidelines,” which provide critical guidance to clinicians around the world on the use of this last-line-of-defense antibiotic.


Brian Tsuji, PharmD
Professor of Pharmacy Practice
Associate Dean for Clinical and Translational Sciences
University at Buffalo School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences