Diversity Caucus

The Diversity Caucus has been created to facilitate discussion among NeMLA members about issues of diversity, especially as related to academic life. The continued growth of NeMLA brings challenges and opportunities to address the needs of its membership. This group offers a space to identify those needs, bring about conversations among members with shared interest, and develop NeMLA sessions and initiatives. Of key interest is fostering conversations between members with shared interests, and developing NeMLA sessions and initiatives.


The Executive Board has created two new Member-at-Large positions, one in Diversity and the other in Professional Development. We encourage members of this group with interests in these areas to consider running for the positions, and their creation provides us a foundation for discussing areas of interest, one being members’ interests in Africana Studies/Diasporic Studies.


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Postcolonial Studies Essay Award

The Diversity Caucus awards a special essay prize for a revised paper in Postcolonial Studies presented at the previous NeMLA convention. This prize offers a $100 cash award, and prize-winning essays will automatically be considered for publication by Modern Language Studies. All essays are subject to MLS’s double-blind review.

Submitted essays should be between 6,000 and 9,000 words (there is a 10,000 word limit, notes and works cited included). All essays are to be expanded from the original papers presented at the previous convention. Unrevised paper presentations are not accepted and will be returned.

The author’s name, address, and academic affiliation should appear only on a separate cover sheet. Submissions not meeting these criteria may not be considered for an award. Essays and cover pages should be attached in the email as separate Microsoft Word document files. Please email submissions to Jennifer Mdurvwa at postcolonial.essay.award@nemla.org.

Application Deadline: December 15

Contact Information

Jennifer Mdurvwa <jmdurvwa@buffalo.edu>
Graduate Enrollment, University at Buffalo