April and the Promotion Committee

By Coleen Carrigan, PhD

woman reading document.


The only female member of a promotion committee struggles to prove that a fellow female faculty member in the department is worthy of promotion to a full professorship.

The case can be used to help develop career skills that may be useful to achieving long-term success, such as:

  • Building your professional support network
  • Communicating your impacts
  • Becoming a change agent in your organization
  • Negotiating Employment Conditions
  • Understanding Meritocratic ideologies


Upon completion of this case, students will be able to:

  • Recognize workplace gender biases related to career advancement.
  • Understand sexism and so-called benevolent sexism as concepts;
  • Identify strategies for building one’s professional support network for career advancement.
  • Identify strategies for communicating one’s impacts and accomplishments.
  • Recognize who your allies are in the workplace, and recognize who is not.