The Role and Control of the Salivary Microbiome in Oral and Associated Diseases

oral biology sample.

Reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and other chronic diseases by using saliva to test for periodontal disease and other systemic problems.


Sunstar Buffalo Microbiome Grant: $589,000

Executive Summary

There is growing evidence that periodontal disease and its associated microbiome contributes to poor glycemic control in diabetes, increased risk of cardiovascular disease and several other chronic diseases. Recently we have found that the salivary microbiome is different in patients with periodontitis.

We are using the saliva as a screening test for periodontal disease and associated systemic diseases. We also are looking at the salivary microbiome and possible connections with conditions such as hypertension and inflammatory bowel disease. We have more than 3000 subjects included in several large epidemiologic studies.