The Role and Control of the Microbiome in Gestational Diabetes

student researcher.

Reducing the risk of gestational diabetes and the possible further development of Type 2 diabetes by treating periodontal disease in pregnant women.


Sunstar Buffalo Microbiome Grant: $589,000 ($5M for all one, two and three)

Executive Summary

During pregnancy about five to eight percent of women develop gestational diabetes. It often resolves after childbirth, but is associated with increased risk of Type 2 diabetes later. 

Periodontal disease is more common in women with gestational diabetes and may contribute to poor glycemic control during pregnancy, as well as an increased risk of developing Type 2 diabetes later.

We are treating periodontal disease in women who have gestational diabetes so we can understand the disease's effect on the microbiome, glycemic control and future development of Type 2 diabetes.