NIDCR-FIC D43 Training Program

Studying the determinants of periodontitis and associated non-communicable chronic diseases in Jamaica.

Program Overview

This NIH-funded training program aims to build the research capacity at the University of the West Indies (UWI) Mona campus to conduct human clinical studies to evaluate susceptibility to periodontitis and its relationship with chronic noncommunicable diseases in Jamaica.

The D43 programs support the training of clinical and basic scientists under the mentorship of faculty from the University of the West Indies in collaboration with the University at Buffalo and Rush University in the U.S.

Customized curricula based on each trainee’s individualized development plan is implemented. Trainees have a short-term (six month) training experience in U.S. laboratories directed by faculty mentors with extensive experience in epidemiology, periodontology, microbiome, bioinformatics, immunology and cardiometabolic disease, while completing their research degree or postdoctoral programs at the University of the West Indies.

This program is expected to provide rigorous interdisciplinary scientific training experience, create a pool of candidates with potential to join the faculty at the University of the West Indies, and continue research in periodontitis in Jamaica. The program accepts two types of trainees:

  • Degree candidates at the University of the West Indies enrolled in master’s, MPhil or PhD programs.
  • Dental graduates conducting post-doctoral fellowship training.


Below are the application guidelines for the D43 NIH-sponsored training program in “Determinants of Periodontal Disease and Associated Co-morbidities in the Caribbean.” Click on the "+" to expand.

For further inquiries and to submit application materials, please contact Dr. Lindsay Chakan, director, Office of Research Support via email at

Current D43 Trainees

Rohan Grant, PhD.

Rohan Grant, PhD Candidate

Admission Year: 2024

Degree Program: PhD candidate, Department of Basic Science, University of the West Indies

Advisors: Dr. Paul Brown (UWI) and Dr. Patricia Diaz (UB)

Research Interest: My research focuses on characterizing the microbiome associated with aggressive forms of periodontitis in Jamaica. 

Program Contacts

Patricia Diaz, DDS, PhD

Sunstar Robert J. Genco Endowed Chair; SUNY Empire Innovation Professor

Department of Oral Biology

347 BRB, Buffalo, NY 14214

Phone: (716)829-5825; Fax: (716) 829-3942



Lindsay Chakan, PhD

Director, Office of Research Support

Office of the Dean

325 Squire Hall

Phone: (716) 829-2055