Developing a Dream

Lindsay Macaluso.

Lindsay Macaluso. Photo: Doug Levere.

Your gift encourages tomorrow’s entrepreneurs to dream and develop.

UB is making entrepreneurs of its students, helping launch them and their businesses, even before graduation. One such student is Lindsay Macaluso, who with a partner has developed MemoryFox, a digital platform for recording, storing and sharing family audiovisuals.

Macaluso is pursuing an MBA and an MSArch degree in real estate management, and credits UB’s business-skills programs—many supported by annual gifts to UB—with helping her make her passion part of her academics. Such programs are “the source of countless resources in legal, operational and business development,” says Macaluso, who hopes to develop businesses for a venture capital firm someday.

She thanks donors to the annual fund for giving her a well-rounded student experience. “UB continually surprises me with the opportunities it offers students. There is an inimitable commitment to innovation at the university, which translates to fantastic for students.”

You can make the future

You can assure the enrichment of bright minds. You can help UB build. You can add the push that brings a discovery to light. That turns a promising idea into a growing business. That opens a student’s eyes to an undreamed-of future. You can help make it possible here, with your gift to UB.