Surviving the Unexpected

Eveeta Bajracharya.

Funding scholarships supports real lives.

She was in a strange land. She was studying in a notoriously difficult program. Then her family suffered a disaster. It was stressful, she says quietly.

Eveeta Bajracharya came to UB from Katmandu, Nepal, in the fall of 2014 to earn an MBA and advance her banking career.

Her family, which had recently started a successful distributorship of mobile phones, borrowed at a steep rate to fund her plan.

When a massive earthquake devastated Katmandu in 2015, Eveeta’s family survived but their business was devastated by the collapse of Nepal’s communication infrastructure.

Now their indebtedness on her behalf weighed doubly on Eveeta. She was working the maximum possible hours as a student assistant. That paid only her modest living expenses.

Help came from a Robert G. and Carol Gross Scholarship, which she used to reduce her tuition bill.

The scholarship relieved a little pressure on her family as they rebuilt their business. And it helped Eveeta academically by relieving her stress—a gift worth more than dollars.

Scholarships and Fellowships

Some 2,500 UB students received donor-funded scholarships in 2015-16. Scholarships range from need-based awards to those designated for the pursuit of specialty learning to those conferred for superior academic performance.