It's a Slam Dunk

Cassandra Oursler is a proud student athlete.

Cassie Oursler. Photo: Doug Levere.

Cassie Oursler of UB’s women’s basketball team is grateful for annual gifts that provide new and updated facilities, like those she uses for practice in Alumni Arena.

Annual gifts to UB help enhance student living and learning environments on campus, including the athletics facilities. UB student-athletes like Cassie Oursler, a member of the UB Bulls women’s basketball team, said she chose to attend UB “because it is a great university close to my home, with a wonderful athletics staff and beautiful facilities.”

Another big benefit of attending UB? Her family in nearby Grand Island is able to attend her games. And Oursler says access to the basketball arena and weight room gives her “everything an athlete needs to perform successfully.”

Oursler, who hopes to coach after playing basketball internationally, is thankful to donors who have given to keep UB sports facilities up to date. “They have helped create successful athletes here at UB. Our donors are the reason we are able to train at the highest level.”