Expanding Horizons

Before Chris Fancher went to Italy as part of UB’s Classics in the Mediterranean course, he didn’t know how he would cover the trip’s cost.

He considered a loan—something he had managed to avoid by living at home and working 30 hours a week. He applied for funding, but without much hope.

To his surprise, he received a President’s Circle scholarship designated for study abroad by Western New York students at UB. To his greater surprise, he came home with a new view of his future. Chris discovered he was as interested in the ordinary people he met in Italy as in their distant ancestors.

He was fascinated by a modern culture different from his own. Now he’s added a major: business administration, with a concentration in international business. The scholarship took him further than he’d planned. He says, “If I hadn’t gone on that trip, I don’t know how different things would be for me now.”

Personal Transformation

UB sponsors more than 80 study-abroad programs, from Australia to Brazil, Canada to China and beyond. There are eight programs in Japan alone. Donor-supported study-abroad programs provide students with lifechanging experiences.