About The CLIMB Program

The CLIMB logo, a tower that represents the path to leadership.

Mission and Vision

The CLIMB Program at UB is devoted to helping students and junior scientists develop into leaders in the sciences.

The CLIMB Program is predicated on the vision that the future of science rests with those who are most adept at communicating and working with others across diverse scientific, intellectual, ethnic, socioeconomic, and cultural domains. The CLIMB Program offers research opportunities, mentoring, and professional development workshops to help its scholars develop into well-rounded professionals who will be leaders in their chosen field.


There are four divisions to the CLIMB Program at UB.

  1. CLIMB-UP (Undergraduate Program) offers an outstanding summer research experience for undergraduate students.
  2. CLIMB-Pathways (Masters Program) offers professional development for masters students at UB.
  3. CLIMB-HI (High Impact) helps PhD students at UB improve communication and professional skills needed to be a successful scientist.
  4. CLIMB-NS (Next Step) is aimed at helping postdoctoral fellows advance towards a fulfulling career and leadership in their field.


The CLIMB ProgramTM was created and founded by Dr. Dubocovich at Northwestern University in 2007., and successfully instituted and expanded at UB in 2009, to include four divisions. Dr. Dubocovich served as the CLIMB ProgramTM Director at NU (2007-2008) and at UB (2009 to 2022). She is now the Immediate Past CLIMB Program Director (2023-present) and serves as the CLIMB ProgramTM advisor.