Accepted Student Frequently Asked Questions

CLIMB Students at Niagara Falls.

Preparing for CLIMB UP

When should I arrive at UB?

We will purchase all tickets relating to travel (flight, bus, train, etc) after signing of your Intent to Participate form. For those who will be flying to Buffalo, we ask that you arrive May 31, 2024 before 6:00PM to take part in the CLIMB UP Welcome Dinner. For those who will be arriving by car we ask that you arrive May 30, 2024 in the mid-afternoon.

Departure will either be the evening (after 6PM) at the last day of the program or the next day (unless otherwise discussed with us). 


What should I bring?

  • Money to get you through up to the 1st month (while appointment paperwork is still processing)
  • Passport (if you would like to visit Canada)
  • Lab approved outfits - no shorts or open toed shoes in the labs
  •  Two (2) professional outfits - for events and research symposium
  • Clothes to wear while out exploring - it gets pretty warm in the summer but bring jacket/hoodie etc. for cooler days/evenings (or air conditioning)


Can I ship my belongings?

Yes. For those of you staying in campus housing, you are welcome to ship your bedding/towels, clothes, etc directly to the dorm via UPS or FedEx, etc for delivery before your arrival. Please address package to:

*You are responsible for paying for this shipment, and you cannot be reimbursed for it.


What is the shipping address?

Main Street Area Office

119 Goodyear Hall

Buffalo, NY 14214

(716) 829-3144

*Please make sure you print out your full name and the words "Hold for (NAME) - CLIMB UP Program" on the box.


Stlyed photo shoot with students in the Creekside Village Apartments on North Campus. Photographer: Onion Studios.

Information While You're Here

How will I be paid?

You will be paid biweekly or through multiple payments (CLIMB UP is supported by several funding sources). Please ensure ALL appointment and financial documents are filled out and returned as soon as possible, as there is a possibility of delayed payment if received late.  


UB North Campus.

What campus facilities are available to me?

You get to take advantage of:

  • Free WiFi 
  • Use of laundry - washers and dryers are located on every housing location
  • Gym passes at UB's state of the art fitness and recreational center
  • Common kitchen access


What do the weekly workshops entail?

Get an idea of what workshops our summer program offers with an example of our 2023 agenda here.

Every week students will attend the BioSTEM Series lecture, which gives participants a chance to hear from UB faculty about career options, educational pathways and more.



Information about Buffalo

What can I do?

Buffalo is a vibrant and diverse city with a welcoming community. In the summer, you can enjoy multiple art festivals, music festivals, museums, and other fun events! Click here to stay updated on all summer events!


How do I get around?

In Buffalo, the city uses NFTA public transit, which has buses and rails (rail between South Campus to downtown Buffalo’s Key Bank Center). In addition to Buffalo’s public transit system, UB’s offers a free shuttle and bus system, UB Stampede, which offers rides between campuses. Please see NFTA or UB’s Parking and Transportation site for more info.


Artpark Buffalo.

What is the weather like in the summer?

Our summers are traditionally mild and pleasant with breezes from nearby Lake Erie keeping temperatures moderate and humidity low. This "Oasis Effect'' makes Western New York's summer weather among the most spectacular in North America. The average daytime temperature in July is a comfortable 80 degrees. Buffalo receives a higher percentage of sunshine - and significantly less rain - than much of the United States in the summer months. The National Weather Service in Buffalo has never recorded a reading above 100 degrees. In other words - dress for summer!

For other FAQs on Buffalo, click here.