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student at poster.

Malaike Addo, iSEED 2019, presenting her poster at the UB Summer Research Day

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Will I be paid as a CLIMB UP Fellow?

Yes. CLIMB UP is an "umbrella" program that currently hosts students who receive funding from 3 main sources:

We are also happy to host students who participate in MARC-UStar, Jackson Heart Study, and other similar programs at their home institutions. Students in such programs are funded by their own programs, and do not receive stipends from UB.

A very limited number of students are also able to participate in the program as unpaid volunteers. Such determinations are made after the cohort for the summer is selected. 

What is the stipend?

$3,500, pre-tax.

The stipend is intended to cover your food costs and other expenses. UB does not offer a meal plan during the summer, so you will be responsible for purchasing your own food, aside from meals provided by the program. 

In addition, the program will purchase airline or train tickets for students who live 50 miles or more outside of Buffalo. 

Is housing provided?

Students who live 50+ miles outside Buffalo will be eligible for on-campus housing. You will be placed in a dorm at UB’s South or North Campus. As far as housing, you may choose to ship your linens (sheets/towels) here (which is the most economical option)—OR we can arrange to rent linens for you (this includes two sheets, a blanket, a pillow and pillowcase, one bath, hand, and face towel). Please let us know of any special needs you may have and we will do our best to accommodate. Specific details are forthcoming. For more on UB Housing, visit their website.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide funds to students to cover housing costs for local residents, or those who opt to live in off-campus housing. 


If my college/university's spring semester ends after the start date of the program, am I eligible to apply?

You are welcome to apply, as this situation will be handled on a case-by-case basis. If you start the program late, you will miss the Orientation and Introduction to Laboratory Skills course, some of which can be made up, but because the program is relatively short, a late start date can be difficult to overcome, as you will likely not be able to accomplish as much in the lab as you otherwise would have.

Is there a minimum GPA requirement for admission?

No. We review each person's application carefully, taking into account all research experiences, motivation, grades, future plans, and other attributes. GPA is just one component of the entire review, so there is no requirement.