CLIMB-HI Program Details

The CLIMB-HI Program is a two-year series of professional development workshops designed to support you through your transition into a research-based PhD program. Year one, semester one is focused on developing important skills for academic success, while semester two focuses on effective scientific communication. Year two is focused on designing research projects and grant writing.



We offer four Microcredentials throughout the CLIMB-HI Program



Semester 1 - Orienting to Graduate School

STEM Graduate Program Readiness Digital Badge.

Semester 2 – Effective Communication

STEM Graduate Research Communication Digital Badge.



Semester 3 – Project Development and Grant Writing

Graduate Scientific Communication for Success Digital Badge.
PhD STEM Professional Readiness Digital Badge.

Topics Covered During Year One

  • Time Management
  • Choosing the Right Mentor
  •  NIH Becoming a Resilient Scientist series
  • Writing (conference) abstracts
  • Scientific Communication and presentations
  • Responsible conduct of research

Topics Covered During Year Two

  • Project Development and Grant Writing
  • Training Plans and Grant Submission
  • Where to find funding opportunities
  • How to submit a grant at UB
  • Navigating supplemental documents




To Earn Digital Badges:

  • Attend all workshops 
  • Complete workshop assignments and upload to UB Learns no later than start of next workshop
Questions? Contact:

Dr. Hannah Norris

CLIMB Workshop Coordinator and Instructor

(716) 829-6268

CLIMB-HI Scholars will earn the Micro-Credential Digital Badge, PhD STEM Professional Readiness, upon completion of all workshop series.


We expect you to attend all sessions and come prepared to share your writing progress. If for any reason you cannot attend a session, please let the CLIMB Workshop Instructor know prior to the session.