Message From the Chair

Lavin, Chad.

Dear alumni, parents, students, and friends

Welcome to yet another exciting and transformative year for the UB English Department. The excitement and transformation began over the summer, when our erstwhile Chair found herself in a new position as Director of the Humanities for the College of Arts and Sciences and I stepped in as Interim Chair for the year. I’m delighted to be playing this role – especially on occasions like this, when I get to trumpet the various achievements, initiatives, and events resulting from the hard work and talent of our students and faculty.

A handful of our faculty got drafted into leadership roles elsewhere in the university last year. Fortunately, we were also able to recruit six new faculty to join us.

We also have new two programs to announce. The Minor in Digital Humanities is now open for business, and the Publishing Internship offers students a first hand look at the publishing world of NYC.

Typically, the highlight of our newsletter is the parade of awards and recognitions received by faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates over the past year. I’m happy to report that that hasn’t changed a bit.  

Inside you’ll also find photos from commencement, schedules for some departmental events, updates from two of our signature programs, a letter from a recently retired colleague, and a memorial to a dearly departed benefactor, Patrick Martin.

We’re all thrilled that so many alumni continue to send us updates. If you’re in the area, please come say hello. If not, please do stay in touch. Our work here is ongoing, but our students and collaborators keep moving on. It’s so wonderful to hear about the work you’re all doing in the world.


Chad Lavin
Interim Chair