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Diane Christian, “Occasion Poems”, BlazeVOX books - Occasion Poems were suggested by colleague, friend, and poet Robert Creeley, who thought it would be a good idea to have poems for various occasions made up as ink stamps, ready to imprint on a postcard and send off for occasions. Unlike occasional poems tied to specific persons and events, they have a broader human reach.


The Logic of Sentiment: Stowe, Hawthorne, and Melville - Dauber book.

Ken Dauber, “The Logic of Sentiment: Stowe, Hawthorne, and Melville”, published by Bloomsbury Publishing - a study of sentimentality, a literary mode that aims to answer the question, "What hold us together?" Against the grain of cultural studies, which understands sentimentality as consolidating communities on the basis of material or historical foundations, Kenneth Dauber takes a philosophical approach. He argues that sentimentality is love conceptualized in denial of a skepticism--understood as the problem of people's otherness to each other--that material associations cannot dispel.


Transnational Politics in the Post-9/11 Novel - Conte book.

Joseph Conte, “Transnational Politics in the Post-9/11 Novel”, published by RoutledgeTransnational Politics in the Post-9/11 Novel suggests that literature after September 11, 2001 reflects the shift from bilateral nation-state politics to the multilateralism of transnational politics. While much of the criticism regarding novels of 9/11 tends to approach these works through theories of personal and collective trauma, this book argues for the evolution of a post-9/11 novel that pursues a transversal approach to global conflicts that are unlikely to be resolved without diverse peoples willing to set aside sectarian interests.


Civil Bound - Myung Mi Kim book.

Myung Mi Kim, “Civil Bound”, Omnidawn Publishing - Myung Mi Kim turns a keen ear to language as the mechanism by which society operates. The poems engage multiple methods to make sense of this pervasive tool, its powers, nuances, and influences over the structure of our civilizations. Through investigations of ecology, capitalism, military powers, colonialization, and supremacy, the book uncovers patterns in the ways that language is active in perpetuating inequality and binding its subjects to the will of those in positions of authority


Faculty On The Move

Nikolaus Wasmoen was selected as the next Technology and Infrastructure Chair of the Modernist Studies Association, through a unanimous vote of the MSA Board of Directors. 

Faculty Awards

Rachel Ablow’s VLC: Victorian Literature and Culture has been awarded honorable mention for Best Special Issue of 2018 from the Council of Editors of Learned Journals for our inaugural Keywords issue (46.3/4). More information about the issue is at: www.victorianlitandcult.org and at www.cambridge.org/core/journals/victorian-literature-and-culture

Congratulations to Charles Bernstein on winning the 2019 Bollingen Prize for Poetry!! recognition of his book Near/Miss, and also our longtime advisory board member.

Congratulations to Jody Kleinberg Biehl and the entire staff of @UBSpectrum on being chosen as a finalist in the Best All Around Non-Daily Student Newspaper category in the Region 1 Mark of Excellence Awards!

The MLA has awarded Jerold C. Frakes the Fenia and Yaakov Leviant Memorial Prize in Yiddish Studies for Early Yiddish Epic (Syracuse Univ. Press, 2014). The award will be presented at this year’s MLA Conference.

Bruce Jackson and Tanya Shilina-Conte will have their upcoming collaboration, Yevtushenko in Buffalo, published by BlazeVox, with text by Tanya and Bruce, and photographs by Bruce of YY at UB, the Albright-Knox, Kleinhans, Rue Franklin, and Silo City.

Congratulations to Cris Miller and Walt Hakala for receiving OVPRED/HI Research Awards. Cris and Jessica Clemons were also awarded a President’s Circle Award to construct a Digital Scholarship Studio on the second floor of Lockwood. This application was supported by CAS and the School of Education as well as by the Libraries.

David Schmid has received UB’s Meyerson Award for Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching and Mentoring. This is an extraordinary and well-deserved achievement.

Books written by faculty.

Emeritus News

Usable Truths - Irving Feldman book.

Irving Feldman new book, “Usable Truths -  Aphorisms & Observations”,  The Waywiser Press


Welcome Our New Faculty

V. Hunter Capps is a new Visting Assistant Professor.

Hsnnah Fogarty is a new Visting Assistant Professor.

Martin Goffeney is a new Visting Assistant Professor.

Michael Pawluk is a new Visting Assistant Professor.

New Clinical Faculty

Jamie Barber, Clinical Assistant Professor, holds an MFA from Penn State and has a wealth of experience in the teaching of writing at a variety of levels, gained at Penn State, Rutgers, and the University of New Hampshire. Her degree emphasis and most of her publications are in creative non fiction, but she is also a published poet and fiction author. 

Kellie Sharp, Clinical Assistant Professor, received her PhD from UB this past spring. Kellie’s research is on women’s experimental writing. She has extensive teaching experience at UB, at various levels and in our department and beyond. 

Andrew Burgess, Clinical Assistant Professor, holds a PhD from Florida State in Rhetoric and Composition. He also has a vast array of teaching experience, most recently at Buff State, and before that at the University of Hawai’i- West O’ahu, and Florida State. His research focuses on music performance as a communicative act, and analyzes the relevance of music for understanding a range of composition practices.