Brent Cox


Brent Cox is a 3rd year PhD student in University at Buffalo's Poetics Program. He received an MFA in Poetry and Poetics from University of Washington Bothell, and a B.A. in English from UCLA. He is co-founder of the Topological Poetics Research Institute, a poetics "think-tank" devoted to solving vexing poetic problems, and Ecopoetry Workshop, an alternative institution dedicated to the potential of poetry and ecology as emergent, immanent counter-nodes to global computation. Most recently TPRI presented at 2019's &Now Conference and Ecopoetry Workshop convened July 2019 in association with the Nature, Art, and Habitat Residency (NAHR) in Val Taleggio, Italy. His recent work has explored undetermining the avant-garde, video-poetry critical method, race and ontology, and Susan Howe's immanent poetic meshworks.