Judith Goldman

Assistant Professor Judith Goldman.

Associate Professor, Director of Poetics Program
Office: 406 Clemens Hall
Phone: (716) 645-0695
Email: judithgo@buffalo.edu



contemporary North American and British poetry and poetics, sound studies, ecocriticism and ecopoetics, biopolitics, media studies, 18th-century literature and philosophy (Scottish Enlightenment)

Works in Progress


  • transgenre book Civilian Border Patrol, a tragi-comic border novel-policy on bio-piracy, commissioned by Atelos Press
  • chapbook “Blank Mount” that writes through Shelley’s “Mont Blanc,” commissioned by Little Red Leaves Press
  • book RareErthes/Interre-gnum, a book on obsolete labor, valuation, physical and virtual mining practices, biometrics, and commoning, in part imagined through the 17th-century Diggers


  • I am currently working on a critical project titled Medium Envy, which thinks through the difference medium continues to make in our seemingly post-medium epoch of new media and social networking, while theorizing how specific media develop their own potentialities and express rivalry through mimicry of other media.
  • I will be giving a paper on a panel on the Language poet Hannah Weiner sponsored by the Poetics Program this coming October.
  • I am also working on an essay on mourning, figuration, and animacy in Kim Rosenfield’s Tráma.
  • Further, I’m revising parts of my dissertation Visible Hand: “System,” Method, and Suasion in the Human Natural Science of Adam Smith for article publication.

Selected Publications



  • l.b.; or, catenaries (Krupskaya 2011)
  • “The Dispossessions” [chapbook] (Atticus Finch 2009)
  • DeathStar/Rico-chet (O Books 2006)
  • Vocoder (Roof 2001)

Recent Anthologies

  • I’ll Drown My Book: Conceptual Writing by Women, eds. Laynie Browne et al.  Les Figues Press 2012.
  • Against Expression: An Anthology of Conceptual Writing, eds. Craig Dworkin and Kenneth Goldsmith.  Northwestern University Press 2011.


  • Poems and sound pieces have recently been published in Fence, Berkeley Poetry Review, the claudius app, and text/sound.


  • "Dysachrony: Temporalities and their Discontents in Old and New Romanticisms." Active Romanticisms, eds. Julie Carr and Jeffrey Robinson (forthcoming).
  • "Re-thinking 'Non-retinal Literature': Citation, 'Radical Mimesis,' and Phenomenologies of Reading in Conceptual Writing." Postmodern Culture 22.1 (July 2012).
  • "A Failed Snapshot [instantané rate]: Notes on Natanael [Nathalie Stephens, SISYPHUS OUTDONE.  Theatres of the Catastrophal."  Postmodern Culture 20.3 (May 2010).
  • "On Brandon Brown, 'Sparrow,' from The Poems of Gaius Valerius Cattulus."  Postmodern Culture 20.2 (January 2010).
  • With Marjorie Welish.  "Interview"  War and Peace (Vision and Text) 4.  (2009)