Tanya Shilina-Conte

Tanya Shilina-Conte.

Tanya Shilina-Conte

Tanya Shilina-Conte


Global/transnational cinema, film-philosophy, Deleuze Studies, remix culture, media archaeology, sensory film and media.

Work in Progress

Black Screens, White Frames: Gilles Deleuze and The Filmmaking Machine, Book manuscript under contract at Oxford University Press.

This Video Does Not Exist (2015/2023), remix film. 

Anonymous Cinema in the Global Age, Book manuscript.

“‘If censorship is still with us, then maybe this is how we should watch the movies’: Black Screen Footage in Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s Syndromes and a Century.” Under consideration for The Controversial Film in a Global Context, Bloomsbury.

“Her Black Screens: The Cinema of Marguerite Duras as Filmmaking Machine.” Under consideration for Symbolism: An International Annual of Critical Aesthetics, De Gruyter.

Selected Publications

Tanya Shilina-Conte (with Bruce Jackson), Yevtushenko in Buffalo, Center Working Papers, 2020. Book.

Tanya Shilina-Conte, “Midway upon the Road”: A Study of Openings in Contemporary Short Fiction. University of Kostroma Press. Kostroma, 2011. Book.


“The Sartorial Islamic Baroque: Folded Feminisms in the Experimental Cinema of Mania Akbari and Ana Nyma (Anonyme).” Screen 63, no. 1 (2022), Oxford University Press. 

“Silence as Elective Mutism in Minor Cinema.” Film-Philosophy 25, no. 2 (2021): 130-150. Edinburgh University Press. Shortlisted for the best annual article award.  

“Phone Footage and the Social Media Image as Global Anonymous Cinema: Ana Nyma’s (Anonyme) Fragments of a Revolution (2011) and Peter Snowdon’s The Uprising (2013).” Frames Cinema Journal 18 (Summer 2021): 29-68. University of St. Andrews, UK.  

 “Abbas Kiarostami’s ‘Lessons of Darkness’: Affect, Non-Representation, and Becoming-Imperceptible.” Iran Namag, A Quarterly of Iranian Studies 2, no. 4 (Winter 2018): 94–123. University of Toronto, Canada. 

“Filmmaking Machine and the Black Screen as a Tool of Deterritorialization.” Leitura: Teoria & Prática 36, no. 72 (2018): 15–28. Associação de Leitura do Brasil. Translated into Portuguese. 

“’How it Feels:’ Black Screen, Negative Event, and 9/11 Cinema.” Studia Phaenomenologica, Vol. XVI, “Film and Phenomenology,” 2016 

“Black Screen, White Page: Ontology and Genealogy of Blank Space.” “Writing in Film.” Word & Image: A Journal of Verbal/Visual Enquiry, Routledge, 2015 

Imaginal Border Crossings and Silence as Negative Mimesis in Elia Suleiman’s Divine Intervention.Border Visions: Identity and Diaspora in Film. Scarecrow Press, 2013 

 “Reconstruction and Retardation in Literary Narrative.” Language, Literature, Culture:  Dialogue of Generations, Chuvash State University Press, 2004. 

 “Expositional Retardation in Contemporary Literary Discourse and ‘In Medias Res’ Device in Ancient Epic Poem.” Readings of Saint-Petersburg Herzen State University, 2003. 

 “Initial Predicative Semantic Gaps and Peculiarities of Text Perception.” Studia Linguistica XII, 2003. 

“Expositional Retardation as a Stylistic Device.” Readings of Saint-Petersburg Herzen State University, 2002. 

 “‘The Gapping Effect’ and Expositional Retardation.” Studia Linguistica XI, 2002. 

“To the Problem of the Pre-text and Fore-text Distinction.” Interconnection of Literature and Art in the Culture of the XX Century, 2001.

Awards and Fellowships

The Baldy Center for Law and Social Policy Research Grant, University at Buffalo. 2022-23 

Faculty Research Fellowship. Humanities Institute, University at Buffalo. 2021-22  

Confucius Institute Grant. University at Buffalo, Fall 2021 

The Dr. Nuala McGann Drescher Program Award. SUNY and United University Professions. Fall 2020 

Centro Congressi Stefano Franscini Grant. Media History from the Margins Summer School. Monte Verità, Ascona, Switzerland. August 2018 

New York Council for the Humanities Action Grant. New York, NY. October 2016 

Best Paper Award. Lisbon Consortium on Transvisuality. Catholic University of Portugal. Lisbon, Portugal. July 2016 

riverrun Liberal Arts Fellowship. Arts and Culture in Western New York, non-profit organization. Buffalo, NY. Fall 2015 

Princeton-Weimar Grant. International Research Institute for Cultural Technologies and Media Philosophy. Bauhaus-Universität. Weimar, Germany. June 2013 

Philipps University and Central Connecticut State University Travel Grant. Marburg, Germany. June 2013 

Best Experimental Video Award for Abstract Visions. Delta International Film and Video Festival. Delta State University. Cleveland, Mississippi. March 2012 

Canadian-American Studies Grant. University at Buffalo. Spring 2012 

George Soros Professional Development Travel Grant. Open World Society. Central European University, Curriculum Resource Center. Budapest, Hungary. 2002 

American Councils for International Education Travel Grant. Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the United States, Office of Global Educational Programs. Oregon, USA. 2001 

National Council for Economic Education Travel Grant. United States Department of Education, Office of Educational Research and Improvement. Kiev, Ukraine. 2004; Prague, Czech Republic. 2000; Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana. 2000.