Carine M. Mardorossian

Carine M. Mardorossian.

Carine M. Mardorossian

Carine M. Mardorossian


Postcolonial and Caribbean studies; Environmental Humanities; Medical Humanities; Creative Nonfiction; Feminist Theory.

Works in Progress

  • The Creolized Ecologies of Caribbean Studies
  • The Caregivers: At Home with Medicine, with Christopher Kerr, MD (creative nonfiction)

Selected Publications


Edited Book

      With Simona Wright, Transnational Spaces: Celebrating Fifty Years of Literary and Cultural Intersections at NeMLA. Vernon Press, 2023.

Co-Authored Book

Death is but a Dream: Hope and Meaning at Life’s End (narrative nonfiction) with Christopher Kerr, Penguin-Random House, 2020 (with documentary on NPR World).

Single-Authored Books

Framing the Rape Victim: Gender and Agency Reconsidered, Rutgers University Press, June 2014. Winner of The Authors’ Zone Award, 2016.

Reclaiming Difference: Caribbean Women Rewrite Postcolonialism. Charlottesville, VA: U of Virginia Press (New World Series), August 2005.


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