Judith Goldman

Judith Goldman.

Judith Goldman

Judith Goldman

Director of Poetics Program
Associate Professor


contemporary North American and British poetry and poetics, sound studies, ecocriticism and ecopoetics, biopolitics, media studies, 18th-century literature and philosophy (Scottish Enlightenment)

Works in Progress

  • transgenre book Civilian Border Patrol, a tragi-comic border novel-policy on bio-piracy, commissioned by Atelos Press
  • chapbook “Blank Mount” that writes through Shelley’s “Mont Blanc,” commissioned by Little Red Leaves Press
  • book RareErthes/Interre-gnum, a book on obsolete labor, valuation, physical and virtual mining practices, biometrics, and commoning, in part imagined through the 17th-century Diggers
  • I am currently working on a critical project titled Medium Envy, which thinks through the difference medium continues to make in our seemingly post-medium epoch of new media and social networking, while theorizing how specific media develop their own potentialities and express rivalry through mimicry of other media.
  • I will be giving a paper on a panel on the Language poet Hannah Weiner sponsored by the Poetics Program this coming October.
  • I am also working on an essay on mourning, figuration, and animacy in Kim Rosenfield’s Tráma.
  • Further, I’m revising parts of my dissertation Visible Hand: “System,” Method, and Suasion in the Human Natural Science of Adam Smith for article publication.

Selected Publications



  • l.b.; or, catenaries (Krupskaya 2011)
  • “The Dispossessions” [chapbook] (Atticus Finch 2009)
  • DeathStar/Rico-chet (O Books 2006)
  • Vocoder (Roof 2001)

Recent Anthologies

  • I’ll Drown My Book: Conceptual Writing by Women, eds. Laynie Browne et al.  Les Figues Press 2012.
  • Against Expression: An Anthology of Conceptual Writing, eds. Craig Dworkin and Kenneth Goldsmith.  Northwestern University Press 2011.


  • Poems and sound pieces have recently been published in Fence, Berkeley Poetry Review, the claudius app, and text/sound.


  • "Dysachrony: Temporalities and their Discontents in Old and New Romanticisms." Active Romanticisms, eds. Julie Carr and Jeffrey Robinson (forthcoming).
  • "Re-thinking 'Non-retinal Literature': Citation, 'Radical Mimesis,' and Phenomenologies of Reading in Conceptual Writing." Postmodern Culture 22.1 (July 2012).
  • "A Failed Snapshot [instantané rate]: Notes on Natanael [Nathalie Stephens, SISYPHUS OUTDONE.  Theatres of the Catastrophal."  Postmodern Culture 20.3 (May 2010).
  • "On Brandon Brown, 'Sparrow,' from The Poems of Gaius Valerius Cattulus."  Postmodern Culture 20.2 (January 2010).
  • With Marjorie Welish.  "Interview"  War and Peace (Vision and Text) 4.  (2009)