Dimitri Anastasopoulos

Dimitri Anastasopoulos.

Dimitri Anastasopoulos

Dimitri Anastasopoulos

Director of Creative Writing
Associate Professor


fiction writing, postmodern metafiction, narrative theory

Works in Progress

  • Italian Hall (novel)

Selected Publications

  • Farm for Mutes (Dubois, PA: Mammoth Books, 2013)
  • A Larger Sense of Harvey (Dubois, PA: Mammoth Books, 2001)


  1.  “The Bubble Man of Allentown,” in Buffalo Noir, ed. Brigid Hughes and Ed Park. (Brooklyn, NY: Akashic Books, Noir Series, 2013).
  2. “Riot Dog,” Stolen Island  2 (2013): 127-132.
  3. Co-author, “Story Net,” American Letters and Commentary 23 (2012): 90-102.
  4.  “On Returning Home in the Early Evening,” Barzakh 2, 2011, http://barzakh.net/site/current-issue/2133, 10 pages.


  • “Present Without Memory: Self-Forgetfulness, Omniscience and Non-Narration in Lautreamont’s Maldoror and the 2003 State of the Union Speech,” Journal of Narrative Theory  41.1 (2011): 12-33.