Rachit Anand

Rachit Anand.

Rachit Anand

Rachit Anand


Interests: 20th and 21st century Global Anglophone Novel, Postcolonial Studies, Philosophy and Literature, 18th century Literature and Philosophy, Psychoanalysis and Literary Theory, Rhetoric and Composition.

Selected Articles and Book Chapters

“Burrow Time: Allegorical Thought and the Apartheid Mind.” Cultural Critique, Spring 2024 (forthcoming).

“The Lost Object: Abandoned in the Vastness.” Assured Self, Restive Self, edited by Prasanta Chakravarty. Bloomsbury, 2023, 288-306.

Book Reviews:

“The Dislocation of Thought in Contemporary Literature, Free Indirect: The Novel in Postfictional Age by Timothy Bewes (Review),” The Comparatist, 2024 (forthcoming).

Modernism after Postcolonialism: Toward a Nonterritorial Comparative Literature by Mara de Gennaro (Review),” The Comparatist, 2022, pp. 312-314.