UB COM featured at 74th annual ICA Conference

ICA Annual Conference.

Published April 19, 2024


On June 20-24, 2024, the 74th annual International Communication Association (ICA) conference will be held in Gold Coast, Australia. This year, the following faculty and graduate students are represented in presentations and papers, including:

Janet Yang, Professor

Yini Zhang, Assistant Professor

Prerna Shah, Doctoral Student

Laura Arpan, Professor

Xinxia Dong, Doctoral Student

Mark Frank, Professor

Byeong-Hyeon Lee, Doctoral Student

Gavin Raffloer, Doctoral Student

Melanie Green, Department Chair and Professor

Rui Wang, Doctoral Student

Lindsay Hahn, Assistant Professor

Irina Andreeva, Doctoral Student

Maddie Taggart, Doctoral Student

Congratulations to all!


Presentation details:

An Empirical Study on Citizens' Information-Seeking Intentions About

Nuclear-Contaminated Water : The Moderating Role of Fatal Belief J.

Niu; C. Wang; Z. Yang


From Hashtag to Backlash: Unpacking Morality Across Platforms

During the #MeToo Movement in South Korea Y. Suh; J. Suk; H.

Kwon; Y. Zhang


Using Self-Affirmation to Encourage Recycle and Reuse Behaviors in

New York State J. Yang; P. Shah


Effects of Message-Based Affirmation on Responses to

Environmental Risk Messages About Fast Fashion F. Karimkhan; L.

Arpan; E.C. Ray


Perceived Patient-Provider Communication Quality and Social Media

Use for Health: Insights from Pre-, Early-, and Post-COVID-19

Pandemic X. Dong; Z. Yue


Microexpressions, Deception, and Darwin’s Inhibition Hypothesis

M.G. Frank


Tailoring Mobile Text Message in Anti-Vaping Campaign: Using

Construal Level Theory and Emoji to Improve Effectiveness B. Lee


Before the Lie: Facial Expressions Reveal Intentions to Lie in a Mock

Security Setting M.G. Frank


Of Love and Lasers: Perceptions of Romance and Sci-Fi Narratives

Written by AI Versus A Human G.C. Raffloer; M.C. Green


Diffusion of Obscurity: Unpacking the Early Discussion Surrounding

Fast Fashion on Twitter R. Wang; S.S. Thimmanayakanapalya; P.

Shah; J. Yang


Moral Behavior Mitigates Initial Biased Judgments of Black Versus

White Characters K. Kryston; C.J. Francemone; K. Fitzgerald; L.

Hahn; M. Grizzard


A Multi-Level Framework for Social Media Research Y. Zhang; J.

Suk; J. Lukito


A Longitudinal Test of the Role of Narrative Modelling on Self-

Compassion I.D. Andreeva; M.C. Green


Scoping Review of Mood Management Theory and Mood Adjustment

Theory K. Kryston; A. Eden; L. Hahn; M. Taggart; I.D. Andreeva