COM's Mark Frank interviewed on deception

Mark Frank talks to host Tom Dinki about detecting deception

Mark Frank.

Episode 10: Detecting Deception with Mark Frank

19:24 Run Time | January 30, 2024

Working nights during college as a bouncer, Mark Frank discovered he could learn a lot about people by observing their facial expressions and body language. Now, as a professor of communication at the University at Buffalo, he’s an internationally recognized expert on nonverbal communication and digital misinformation, who advises the FBI and CIA on interviewing techniques and whose research helped inspire the TV crime drama “Lie to Me.” In this episode of Driven to Discover, Frank talks to host Tom Dinki about the involuntary gestures and expressions that give our real feelings away, the universally accepted yet completely bogus connection between eye contact and the truth, and why building rapport is the best way to snag a criminal.