2008: Stockholm/Abo

Beyond Bergman and Nobel: Scandinavian cultural policy and performing arts

May 12-19

UB Arts Management students at Drottingholm Palace with NUROPE on the 2008 Summer School.

UB Arts Management students at Drottingholm Palace with NUROPE on the 2008 Summer School


  • Introduction, Presentation & Nomadic Reflections (Bengt Kristensson Uggla)
  • Sibelius, Art and Business (Johannes Brusila, Research Director, Musicology at Åbo Akademi University and Alarik Repo, Alarik Repo Management at SibeliusMuseum)
  • The Dirty, the Clean, the Impure, and the Pure: Philosophical Reflections on Sweden and Finland (Olli Lagerspetz, Professor in Philosophy, Åbo Akademi University)
  • Performance: Music by Jean Sibelius (Ture Rangstrom and Christian Holmqvist)
  • Premiere Performance: Marika Kivinen (song) Laura Heikkilä (piano)
  • Workshop on Creative Industry and Experience Economy (Tomi Lohikoski, CEO, Moomin World; Saara Taalas, Professor, Turku School of Economics; Moderator: Nina Kivinen)
  • International Festival Management (Tisa Ho, Executive Director of the Hong Kong Arts Festival and former General Manager of the Singapore Symphony Orchestra)
  • Life on a Leaf Project: workshop with Jan-Erik Andersson
  • Interrupted History: Sweden – Finland (Krister Wahlbäck, Former Professor and Diplomat at Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
  • Rethinking Cultural Policy and Cultural Economy  Public Programme at Stockholm Concert Hall in Cooperation with the Committee of Inquiry on Cultural Policy in Sweden  Introduction: Eva Swartz (Head of Committee of Inquiry on Cultural Policy in Sweden) and Bengt Kristensson Uggla (Head of Nurope)
  • Financing Culture Moderator: Pierre Guillet de Monthoux, Schwung Professor of Nurope with Stefan Forsberg (CEO Stockholm Concert Hall Foundation), Emma Stenström (Stockholm School of Economics), Sture Carlsson (CEO of Swedish Performing Arts) and David Neuman (Director of Magasin 3 Stockholm contemporary art-space)
  • Intellectual Property Rights in Arts and Culture Moderator: David Karlsson with Stefan Forsberg (CEO Stockholm Concert Hall Foundation), Roger Wallis (Professor at Royal Institute of Technology), Eva Hemmungs Wirtén (Professor at Uppsala University), Alf Rehn (Professor at Royal Institute of Technology / Åbo Akademi University)
  • Cultural Policy – Inter and Transnational Perspectives Ruth Bereson (Director, UB Arts Management Program), Keith Wijkander (Executive Secretary, Committee of Inquiry on Cultural Policy in Sweden), Krister Ståhlberg (CEO, Foundation for Swedish Culture in Finland)
  • Nurope Think Tank, Workshop, Case Study: Royal Stockholm Symphonic Philharmonic Orchestra: Presentation - Challenges - Problematisation - Solutions (Stefan Forsberg, CEO Stockholm Concert Hall Foundation, Moderator: Mats Agurén Stockholm Concert Hall)
  • In Search of excellence: Continuing Process (Ann-Sofie Köping (Assistant Professor, Södertörns University University College), Lotta Bjelkeborn (Marketing director, Stockholm Concert Hall Foundation), Pierre Guillet de Monthoux (Schwung Professor of Nurope))
  • Performance: Royal Stockholm Symphonic Orchestra
  • Back to Modernity: Audience Building in the Royal Theatre
  • Konstfack Forum on Creativity 2008: Does Creativity Beat Strategy or Strategy Beat the Creative Industry  Moderator: Alice Rawsthorn (design critic) with Ingrid Baron (Design Leader, IDEO International), Anders Byriel (CEO, Kvadrat), Ilse Crawford (Designer and Creative Director, Studioilse), Henrik Otto (Senior VP Global Design, Electrolux), Masaki Yokokawa (CEO, Cibone, Dean & DeLuca Japan)
  • Panel discussion: art and economy: School of Business, Stockholm University