Affiliated Programs

The MA in Arts Management is the foundational degree in the Program.  However, the Program also partners with departments across the University on additional programs.

The Arts Management program has teamed up with arts departments across the University at Buffalo to deliberately link critical artistic and management inquiry to create a dynamic investigation of arts environments.  These combined degree programs will increase employment prospects by creating new perspectives designed to give students the versatility to enter, and then grow in the field, as either an artist, a manager, or an artist/manager.  Not only that, you can finish in 5 years instead of 6.

The Grantwriting and Fundraising micro-credential offers critical knowledge and professional development for any student considering a career in the not-for-profit sector or undertaking individual research to benefit that sector.  

Critical Museum Studies is a pre-professional interdisciplinary MA program under the aegis of Art, Anthropology, Arts Management, Media Study, and Classics. Students are required to take courses from three of the core programs, thereby insuring that an interdisciplinary perspective is built into the program.

The MA in History (Public History Concentration) is an innovative collaboration between the Department of History and the Arts Management Program. Students in this concentration receive deep training in historical knowledge and research practices, as well as comprehensive training in the business and advocacy skills expected in the arts and cultural workforce.  If you want to enter the Public History field – i.e. working in historical museums, societies, and sites – our Public History concentration might be right for you.

The Arts Collaboratory Initiative aims to unite arts-oriented endeavors across departments and disciplines while fostering visionary experimentation within the College, around the UB campus, and throughout the Western New York region. Already, the faculty, students and alumni of the Departments of Art, Media Study, Music, Theatre and Dance, and the Arts Management Program form a core base of creative leaders committed to building a unique cultural legacy at UB.