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Mural Art in Detroit

Grantwriting and Fundraising Micro-Credential

The Grantwriting and Fundraising micro-credential offers critical knowledge and professional development for any student considering a career in the not-for-profit sector or undertaking individual research to benefit that sector.  Not-for-profit organizations depend on individuals with fundraising and grant writing knowledge and experience, and grant agencies supporting individual research are more likely to fund projects that intersect directly with community or non-profit needs.

Prepare yourself to make a difference with a micro credential that complements curriculums in Arts Management, the Schools of Management and Social Work, and the Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences.


Students must maintain a >3.199 GPA in an MA, MFA, or PhD program at the University at Buffalo.  There are no course prerequisites, but students are expected to have some familiarity with not-for-profit entities (vetted through interview and/or transcript).  Ideally, students will first take AAP 503, although this sequence is not required.

Required Courses:

Additional Required Project:

At the conclusion of these two courses, students will complete a team or individual assignment:

  • Submission of a grant proposal, vetted by AAP faculty, and developed in collaboration with a nonprofit entity.
  • Implementation of a fundraising project/event, vetted by AAP faculty, and developed in collaboration with a nonprofit entity.
  • Submission of a grant for an individual research project, along with a specific proposal for how that research would benefit a nonprofit entity in the students field of research.

The project or grant may be related to work performed for AAP 503 and AAP 525, but not identical to work already submitted for a grade. Each student will select a project and a grant advisor from their own academic degree program; if that field is not AAP, the student must also select an AAP advisor. Prof. C. Miller will serve as the AAP faculty advisor for grants.

How to Apply

We accept applications for the Grantwriting and Fundraising micro-credential on a rolling basis (i.e. throughout the year).  Are you ready to add skills to your professional portfolio to make you a more attractive job applicant?  Then start your application today!

Grantwriting and Fundraising micro credential badge.

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