The 2014 UB Arts Management Summer School in Vienna.

Students on a rooftop in Vienna on the 2012 Summer School

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Globalization has impacted business practices across all possible markets. Goods and services circulate world-wide, and the arts – in all of its various forms – are no exception.

As a result, arts managers are increasingly called upon to understand how art functions within cultures and political systems outside of their norm. This means working with artists, venues, institutions, and management companies that employ various different systems of subventions, legislations, and policies.

Our eight day intensive study builds upon the core curriculum and provides students the active experience and relevant critical theory they need in order to develop into effective arts managers in today's global business landscape.  The summer school features:

  • Discussions with leading professionals and artists
  • Analytical seminars
  • Site visits to arts institutions
  • Excursions to museums, galleries, and live performance