Students speak with Michael Wimmer at EDUCULT in Vienna, Austria.


Core Requirements (24 credits)

More advanced management and law courses are available for students with business and management backgrounds through our partnerships with the UB School of Management and Law School. 

Electives (12 credits)

Electives can be chosen from graduate courses across the University, giving you an opportunity to specialize your degree. The Program advises students and crafts a unique course of study for each student to position you to achieve your future goals. We offer the following core electives:

Final Project/Thesis (3 credits)


The Program offers Fieldwork in Arts Management, but we encourage students to find additional internships and practical experiences outside of the Program. Consult with the Program to find an internship placement that is right for you.

For international students, US law stipulates that to engage in internships you must be on CPT or OPT. UB's International Student Services has more information on the process (CPT and OPT). A requirement for CPT is being registered in coursework.  For you, we offer additional internship credits through AAP 598: Practicum Support.