Arts Management students in Detroit.

UB Arts Management students in Detroit.

Each semester, the department invites industry professionals to present and engage our students in local, national, and international  practices within various fields of the Arts Management discipline. 

Given Program protocols related to COVID, we are restricting access to Program events.  If you are an alum or interested student who wishes to attend an event or hear a speaker, please contact the Program and we will make arrangements.  

Spring 2021 events

February 22-23: Museums Advocacy Day 2021 (Virtually in Washington, DC)

Arts Management students will join museum advocates and professionals from across America at AAM’s Museums Advocacy Day, held virtually because of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Following the elections and the convening of the 117th session of Congress, this is a critical time to join forces with fellow museum supporters and professionals 

March 22-25: Strategizing Decolonization

Strategizing Decolonization is a week-long seminar organized by the UB Arts Management Program to discuss how arts managers, artists and cultural workers in the field of cultural production confront, negotiate or resist the colonial heritage of Western art. While Western art tends to represent itself as a universal public good, it is saturated with and embedded into structures of colonial oppression and hierarchies. However, recent years have seen movements and initiatives to uncover, counter, and remedy implicit and persistent colonial structures and policies. This seminar features important voices from artists, arts managers, and scholars who are actively engaged in processes of decolonization and will talk to us about the role of arts management in this struggle.

Schedule of live presentations:

  • Dalia Mueller (Associate Professor, Department of History, University at Buffalo), "Impossible Project workshop – part 1"
  • Bojana Videkanić (Assistant Professor, Department of Fine Arts, University of Waterloo) and students, "Contesting Settler Colonial Discourse"
  • Nitasha Dhillon and Amin Husain (Decolonize This Place), "Decentering Whiteness"
  • Madeline Sayet (Executive Director, Yale Indigenous Performing Arts Program), "Undoing the Shakespeare Missionary Complex"
  • Henry-Louis Taylor, Jr. (Professor - Department of Urban and Regional Planning, University at Buffalo), "Gentrification and the Cultural Change for Decolonization"
  • Dalia Mueller (Associate Professor, Department of History, University at Buffalo), "Impossible Project workshop – part 2"

Program reading and discussion groups will augment discussion with guest presenters.

Additional Speakers

  • Dan Shanahan, Assistant Professor - Daemen College and Artistic Director/Founder - Torn Space Theater
  • Serhan Ada, Associate Professor - İstanbul Bilgi University