Sarunas Milisauskas


Sarunas Milisauskas.

Sarunas Milisauskas


Sarunas Milisauskas


Professor Emeritus
Research Professor

Research Topics

Old World archaeology; European prehistory; Neolithic; Bronze Age


  • PhD, University of Michigan
  • MA, University of Michigan
  • BA, Ohio State University

Courses Offered

Graduate Courses

  • APY 540 | History of Archaeology
  • APY 652 | Graduate Survey of Archaeology
  • APY 730 | Advanced Problems in Areal Archaeology



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Selected Articles

  • Bronocice Funnel Beaker Vessel with Wagon Motif: Different Narratives (S.Milisauskas,J.Kruk, K. Hudson) Archaeologia Polona 57:233-240, 2019.
  • Variability in 4th Millennium BC Livestock Management Practices in the Bronocice Region, Southeastern Poland, (Pipes, M-L., Kruk, J., Milisauskas, S.) Sprawozdania Archeologiczne. 69:55-70, 2017.
  • Nitrogen and Strontium Isotopes as Tools for the Reconstruction of Breastfeeding Practices and Human Behavior – A Neolithic Collective Grave in Bronocice (Poland), (B. Cienkosz-Stepanczak, A. Lisowska-Gaczorek, E. Haduch, R. Ellam,, G. Cook, J. Kruk, S. Milisauskas, S. Koziel, K. Szostek), Collegium Anthropologicum 41:191-199, 2017.
  • Milisauskas, S. 2017. Historical Observations on Archaeology in the Polish People’s Republic, 1945-1989. In: Archaeology of the Communist Era: A Political History of Archaeology of the 20th Century, L. Lozny ed. pp.123-150. Cham, Switzerland, Springer.
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