Christopher Moore

Post-Graduate Fellow of Collections 
North Museum of Science and Nature
Franklin & Marshall College 


What do you think of the UB CMS Program?

"The Critical Museum Studies Program is an ideal avenue for students who have a passion for museums and arts institutions, especially for those who seek to communicate the relevance between heritage and community through new forms of engagement."

Would you recommend the Program to other students?

"I would absolutely recommend this program to other students! This is a great course for students who have interests in multiple humanities disciplines."

Did the program prepare you well for your upcoming internship?

"Yes, I am doing an internship with the League of Women Voters and the National Museum of Women in the Arts."

How useful will  your internship be for your professional development?

"Essential. This internship will be providing me with vital contacts and experience, allowing me to build on my academic training to curate my own digital exhibition and assist in the digitization of the organization's special collections in Baltimore and Washington, D.C."